MontEU MarEU – Meeting and understanding in Europe


  • Title: MontEU MarEU – Meeting and understanding in Europe
  • Running dates: 3rd to 8th of October 2018
  • Programme: Programme “Europe for Citizens” Measure 2.1“Town-Twinning”
  • ID number: 595159-CITIZ-1-2017-2-IT-CITIZ-TT



MontEU MarEU – Meeting and understanding in Europe » was held in San Venanzo (Terni-Italy) where the Municipality of San Venanzo, Tisno (Croatia) and San Lawrenz (Malta) met  during a 5 days event from 3rd to 8th of October 2018. It involved direcltly in the activities 90 citizens, notably  52 participants from the city of San Venanzo, 14 participants from the city of Tisno, 24 participants from the city of San Lawrenz. The indirect beneficiaries were over 250 people who participated in the dissemination activities.

The Project aimed  to promote civic and democratic participation, active involvement of citizens in the political debate, intercultural dialogue between European and third-countries citizens, legally residing in the EU. Through the project actions participants had the opportunity to get to know different cultures and customs, understand different points of view, broaden their horizons in order to build a modern society, overcoming prejudice and stereotypes about immigrants. During the program the participants shared their experience and opinions, discussed the topic of migration and intercultural dialogue,  met and spoke with migrants and refugees.  Through non-formal activities, they have learnt about different countries, sharing  their values with other citizens, widening their knowledge about EU and some European political issues and Programmes. During the activities the three Municipalities have improved their collaboration in order to cooperate even after the end of the project, submitting other proposals together on themes of mutual interest: volunteering, youth, cultural and social issues, inclusion, etc…

The final main results were:  a video recorded during the event, the project ideas discussed and collected in project drafts during the workshop by the participants divided into groups.  Moreover, an increased awareness by the participants on common European values, valorizing differences and similarities between people coming from different countries, feeling active in building a more equal and peaceful society: this result was strengthen through the drafting of a joint declaration of intent signed by the three Municipalities’ representatives on solidarity and human understanding of all people in Europe.

Short activity description:

The day of 03/10/2018 was dedicated  to welcoming the partner organizations from Tisno and San Lawrenz, with a Presentation of the participants, of their countries, town and organizations, Presentation of the Project and of Europe for Citizens Programme. The partners were invited to anmswer a public questionnaire on  on intercultural and European topics. An International Coolinary evening with  local products from the three countries was organized.

The day of  4/10/2018 was dedicated to Workshops in groups: the participants were divided in several groups according to their preferences: Youth and Cultural activities and Youth Work, Inclusion and Intercultural Dialogue, Civic Participation and Volunteering. After Lunch the partners were guided from the local people to  Visit to the Volcanologic Museum and Park, one of the main attraction pf the territory.

The day of  5/10/2018 was dedicated to Project Workshops and a Discussion about new project ideas development. the rest of the day was focused on cultural  activities (Visit to Monte Peglia and Selva di Meana Park/Traditional path by foot/bike) and to the Visit of the wineries of San Venanzo and experience of  the grape harvest, one of the most traditional country activity.

The day of  6/10/2018 was dedicated to the debate and exchange of experiences in the theme of refugees reception: a Round Table was organized with the topic:  What we did in the past during the world wars, the Balkan War, etc… and what we can do now? and an open debate with the experience of some of the refugees living in San Venanzo, who told their stories to the participants. In the afternoon the Final Conference took place: presentation of project results, video and photos pf the experience, presentation of the project ideas for future cooperation.

The day of   7/10/2018 was dedicated to the participation to the “Marcia della Pace Perugia-Assisi” , which is a yearly important event for promoting peace and intercultural dialogue, theme of the project. At the conclusion of the program a declaration of intent was signed by the representatives of the three municipalities  titled: “This is the Europe we want: Europe of dialogue”.

The day of  8/10/2018 was dedicated to the Departure of the groups.

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