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E.T.I.C.A.S.D. - Education Tools Improvement Contributing to Adult Social Development



Title: E.T.I.C.A.S.D. – Education Tools Improvement Contributing to Adult Social Development
Running dates: Settembre 2018 – Giugno 2021
Programme: Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships | Adult Education
ID number: 2018-1-IT02-KA204-048331


The European Union is still facing a lot of difficulties that put at risk the “inclusive growth” which the Europe 2020 strategy is aiming for. Not only young people, but also many adults over 50 are unemployed and many migrants, regularly resident in EU countries have great difficulty in finding a job. In the case of adults over 50, the possession of obsolete qualifications, not updated with the skills required today, hinder their inclusion or permanence in the world of work. Many migrants, are in possession of only basic qualifications or, if they have qualifications, they are not recognized in the host countries. Most over 50s and even migrants have little competence in new technologies. Many adults living alone, with financial difficulties, without work are at risk of social exclusion and total isolation, also having difficulty in requesting help. Women over 50 who live alone, have dedicated themselves in the past to the growth of their children and their families, they have renounced the development of skills and professionalism. Migrants and refugees who live in the host countries have difficulty in feeling integrated into the social and working life, they have poor language skills and few opportunities to know and be known by the resident population. There is a big difference in mentality between young people and over 50s and this causes a strong cultural gap, a lack of communication and dialogue skills. A mentality of exclusion and rejection towards migrants is increasingly widespread. Demographic aging of society can only be sustained by lengthening working life and active aging, by a culture of health and well-being and lifelong learning.
The project’s general objective is to develop key competences in adult population and strengthen the network of actors in the field of education, training, and guidance in each participating territories to promote social and professional fulfillment and inclusion of adults.


  • TRAVELOGUE APS (Coordinatore) – Italia
  • CREFAD LOIRE – France


  • Over 50 adult population disadvantaged for low level of qualification;
  • Adult migrants/refugees residing in the participant countries.


  • To develop key competences in the adult population in a creative, innovative and non-formal learning environment;
  • To promote the inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion;
  • To strengthen the network of actors (volunteering, education, inclusion);
  • Promoting intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, social skills and active participation in society.


  • Creation of didactic material on key competences (KC 1,2,3,4,5,6);
  • Project website with an interactive e-learning platform (;
  • Video Curriculum that enhances non-formal and informal experiences of adult learners that will be developed during the learning activity;
  • 2 4-week learning mobility: in Italy (September-October 2019) and in Spain (February-March 2020) for 32 adults. These mobilities involved adult learners from each partner organization of the project. The participants were engaged in non-formal education activities and had the opportunity to get in touch with organisations and associations in the host country, with the aim of promoting their social and/or professional inclusion, through the development of skills and key competences.

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