The A.S.D. San Venanzo participates in the Erasmus + project “Volunteering for Sporty and Healthy Life”

With the first coordination meeting, which took place in February 8th-9th in Lithuania, the project “Volunteering for Sporty and Healthy Life” was launched. The project lasts one year and is co-financed by the European Union Program Erasmus + Sport.

The project, which aims to promote volunteering in the sport sector, involves 5 different organizations, from Spain, Lithuania, Greece, Poland and Italy, with the A.S.D. San Venanzo.

Already in March the research and comparison activities will start at local level, to analyse the voluntary situation in the sports field and the training opportunities for the volunteers themselves.

In May, three representatives of each organization will go to Malaga for a three-day seminar: volunteers and staff will meet to exchange experiences and improve their skills, in order to create training paths to promote volunteering as an important tool for youth inclusion.

After the seminar, other events will be organized, involving the population of San Venanzo and other local associations, through information and aggregation activities.

The activities of the project will end in November 2019, with a conference in Athens for the presentation and dissemination of the project results.

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