New Erasmus + KA2 Strategic partnership for adult education approved!

Project title: “E.T.I.C.A.S.D. – Education Tools Improvement Contributing to Adult Social Development”. The project will last for two years and it will be coordinated by Travelogue with partners from Spain, Greece and France.

The target learners are over-50s adults who need to improve their qualifications, as well as adult migrants and refugees already resident in the participating countries.

Among the most important project activities:  e-learning space designed for adults  on Key competences, a three-week training course in Italy and in Spain, development of local projects with mentoring activities for adult learners, e-compass, video CV realization, final conference in Greece.

Kick-off meeting and opening conference will be hosted in St. Etienne (France) 5-8 December 2018.

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